Unlock the Power of Your Phone System

Datelo's IP PBX services transform your phone system from a headache to an incredible tool that makes business easier than ever. When you choose Datelo, you will fall in love with your phone system all over again!

Enjoy the benefits of true mobility with IP PBX services. You will have access to seamless communications from any phone so you can easily work from any location. You don't have to be stuck in the office to respond to corporate calls. Now you can work on the go and stay connected thanks to Datelo technology.

Multiple Phones Made Simple

Datelo makes it possible to streamline multiple phones through one channel. It's easy to monitor phone calls and control corporate communications through our simple to use platform. Design your own personal call rules to structure your phone systems according to your business needs. When a call comes in, you can set the system to ring multiple calls at once so you never miss an important customer call. If you are going to be unavailable, set all calls to go directly to one centralized voicemail that you can check from any phone.

Call transfers are simple using only your keypad so you can quickly patch a caller through to another department without a complicated phone. Set up your called ID to include one identity, no matter which extension you dial from.

If you are dealing with a multiple phone lines, checking voicemail can be a major headache. Who has time to go through and listen to voicemails on dozens of individual extensions? With our IP PBX service, you can listen to all of your voicemails in one combined inbox to save you time and eliminate frustration.

A Fully Customized Experience

When you choose Datelo, you can design your phone system to work to your specifications. Whether you prefer VoIP, video calling, IP phones, or analog lines, you can make calls in the way you prefer with no vendor lock-ins or red tape.

If you prefer video calling, that option is fully integrated with Datelo's IP PBX technology. For those that prefer analog phone lines, our interface cards make it possible to make calls over traditional analog phone lines. Digital phone lines are another options or you can choose IP phones to make international calling easier and less expensive.

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